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  • VAMPIRE (University of York)  
    The audit of the VAMPIRE code has been extremely helpful in identifying the hot spots and specific areas to focus on performance improvements. Preliminary results suggest this may give a factor of 2 performance improvement on modern CPUs. I would highly recommend the service for the speed and usefulness of the audit.
    -- Richard Evans, VAMPIRE developer
  • OpenNN (Artelnics)
    High performance computing is an extremely interesting topic to our application. The POP project has helped Artelnics to speed-up Neural Designer up to 5 times, when compared to the serial version. And we can still improve a lot more by implementing MPI processing in computer clusters.
    -- Dr Roberto Lopez, CEO
  • GS2 (STFC)
    POP analysis elegantly reveals in detail how our application's algorithm is running on HPC architectures. It is an extremely useful optimisation tool! Our POP contact was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. An excellent service!
    -- Joseph Parker, GS2 Developer