Past Events

A list and reports from past events can be found in our blog.

Upcoming Events

  • From April 4 to May 9, 2024, POP experts from BSC, JSC and UVSQ are contributing to the Performance Analysis Workshop Series 2024 at the DiRAC HPC facility of Rurham University. The workshop runs twice a week over the course of five weeks. The workshop series offers a comprehensive introduction to a selection of open source tools that enable researchers to assess the performance behaviour of their code.
  • On May 28, 2024, on 15:00 CEST, Jan Andre Reuter (JSC) will present the 27th POP Webinar - Performance Analysis of OpenMP Target Offloading in Score-P. He will present first results in adding support for OpenMP offloading to our instrumentation and measurement infrastructure Score-P using the OpenMP Tools Interface. He will demonstrate how he can use both host side callbacks and the device tracing interface to build a measurement adapter capable of analyzing OpenMP applications effectively.

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