Past Events

A list and reports from past events can be found in our blog.

Upcoming Events

  • POP @ International CAE Conference

    The International CAE Conference (6-7 November 2017 in Vicenza, Italy) is the principal conference in the area of simulation based engineering and science. POP will be presenting the project within the conference's research agorà, a space where project consortia can exhibit their achievements to a wider audience. As well as a poster and other promotional materials, we will be giving live demonstrations of the profiling tools in our booth.

  • POP + EoCoE Open hands-on workshop on HPC benchmarking and performance analysis

    The two centres of excellence in computer application EoCoE and POP will join forces once more to hold a hands-on workshop on HPC benchmarking and performance analysis from 11-14 December 2017, at Maison de la Simulation near Paris, this time supported by the French PATC.

  • POP @ CIUK Conference

    Nick Dingle, NAG  will be giving a talk about the POP project at the upcoming CIUK conference in Manchester on Wednesday 13 December 2017. The title of the talk is "Not Only Fortran and MPI: The Performance Optimisation and Productivity Centre of Excellence's View of HPC Software in Europe".