The Performance Optimisation and Productivity Centre of Excellence in Computing Applications provides performance optimisation and productivity services for (your?) academic AND industrial code(s) in all domains!

The services are free of charge to organisations in the EU!

In order to request our services, use our Request Service Form.

Services provided by POP

?   Parallel Application Performance Audit

  • Primary service
  • Identify performance issues of customer code (at customer site)
  • Small effort (< 1 month)
  • Example report:  

!   Parallel Application Performance Plan

  • Follow-up on the audit service
  • Identifies the root causes of the issues found and qualifies and quantifies approaches to address them
  • Longer effort (1-3 months)

✔   Proof-of-Concept

  • Experiments and mock-up tests for customer codes
  • Kernel extraction, parallelisation, mini-apps experiments to show effect of proposed optimisations
  • 6 months effort

-   Training

  • Performance analysis of parallel applications: processes and tools