Learning Material

This page provides you with training material and exercises relevant to POP users. Besides general training material regarding parallel programming, you can find information on our performance tools, explanatory material regarding our analysis methods and optimization techniques.

Parallel Programming

MPI: MPI_Tutorial1;  MPI_Tutorial2;   MPI_Tutorial3;   Exercises
OpenMP: IntroductionToOpenMP.pdf;   OpenMPTaskingInDepth.pdf;   OpenMPSummary.pdf;   Exercises

Performance Tools

Extrae: Tutorial;  UserManual
Paraver: Tutorial;  UserManual
Dimemas: Tutorial
Score-P: Tutorial;  UserGuide
Cube: Tutorial;  UserGuide;  DerivedMetrics
Scalasca: Tutorial;  UserGuide;  PerformanceProperties
Exercise: TutorialExerciseNPB;   VI-HPS-LiveISO
Darshan ProfilingIOwithDarshan


Performance Analysis

Documentation regarding POP Performance Audits

  • Article explaining the POP Standard Metrics for Parallel Performance Analysis
  • Presentation summarizing the POP Standard Metrics for Parallel Performance Analysis
  • Article explaining how to create a POP performance audit yourself
  • Introduction on how to obtain the POP Standard Metrics in Paraver
  • Exercises and solutions how to start creating a POP performance audit yourself with Score-P/Cube/Scalasca or Extrae/Dimemas/Paraver

Documentation on how to understand POP performance tools displays shown in POP reports