1. How to Improve the Performance of Parallel Codes
    • Presenter: Jon Gibson (NAG)
  2. Getting Performance from OpenMP Programs on NUMA Architectures
    • Presenter: Christian Terboven (RWTH)
  3. Understand the Performance of your Application with just Three Numbers
    • Presenter; Jesus Labarta (BSC)
  4. Using OpenMP Tasking
    • Presenters: Christian Terboven (RWTH), Dirk Schmidl (RWTH)
  5. Parallel I/O Profiling Using Darshan
    • Presenter: Wadud Miah (NAG)
  6. Impact of Sequential Performance on Parallel Codes
    • Presenter: Jesus Labarta (BSC)
  7. Large-Scale Application Execution Performance Assessment
    • Presenter: Brian Wylie (JSC)
  8. POP Case Study: 3x Speed Improvement for Zenotech's zCFD Solver
    • Presenter: Nick Dingle (NAG)
  9. Exascale Matrix Factorization: Using Supercomputers and Machine Learning for Drug Discovery
    • Customer presenter: Tom Vander Aa (IMEC)
  10. Software for Linear Algebra Targeting Exascales (SLATE) Project
    • Guest presenter: Jack Dongarra (ICL/UTK)
  11. Implementing I/O Best Practices to Improve System Performance with Ellexus
    • Guest presenter: Rosemary Francis (Ellexus)
  12. The Successful Interaction of ChEESE and POP
    • Customer Presenter: Claudia Rosas (BSC), Mauricio Hanzich (BSC)
  13. Guided Performance Analysis and Optimization using MAQAO
    • Presenter: Salah Jäsper Ibnamar (UVSQ)
  14. Energy Efficient Computing using Dynamic Tuning
    • Presenter: Lubomir Riha (IT4I)
  15. Addressing Biomedical Challenges with High Performance Computing
    • Customer presenter: Jon McCullough (University College London)
  16. Inclusive Leadership and Inspiring Action and Innovation
    • Guest presenter: Toni Collis (Collis-Holmes Innovations)
  17. Profiling GPU Applications with Nsight Systems
    • Guest presenter: Mozhgan Kabiri Chimeh (NVIDIA)
  18. PyPOP - An Interactive Tool for Performance Assessment
    • Presenter: Phil Tooley (NAG)
  19. Identifying Performance Bottlenecks in Hybrid MPI + OpenMP Software
    • Presenters: Judit Giménez (BSC), Jonathan Boyle (NAG)
  20. Debugging Tools for Correctness Analysis of MPI and OpenMP Applications
    • Presenter: Joachim Protze (RWTH)

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