23rd POP User Webinar - POP: The SME Perspective

Friday, September 17, 2021

POP (Performance Optimisation and Productivity) is an EU Centre of Excellence focussed on improving the performance of parallel codes. Our analysts profile the performance of such codes and identify ways in which they can be improved. In many cases, we write codes to demonstrate those improvements in performance. These services are free throughout the EU and UK.

While we welcome many customers from large industry and academia, we are particularly interested in offering our services to SMEs. In this thirty-minute live webinar, three speakers from SMEs who have worked, or are currently working, with POP, presented their experience. They described the business they are in, the importance of HPC to it and what they have gained from their relationship with the POP service. The discussion then opened up to cover various aspects of HPC support for SMEs. Attendees had the opportunity to submit questions to the speakers.

Presentation Sides

   Fouzhan Hosseini is a technical manager and project lead at NAG Ltd where her team contributes to the EU-funded Performance Optimisation and Productivity Centre of Excellence in High Performance Computing. She has over ten years of experience in building parallel applications on various platforms from multi- and many-core hardware to computer clusters, exploiting low- to high-level programming technologies where performance always appears as a key part of the work.
   Benedikt Rothe is the head of software development at Hydrotec. Hydrotec is a consulting firm focusing on the analysis of quantitative and qualitative aspects of water resources systems and environmental issues as well as data ascertainment, planning of water resources management projects and the development and marketing of water resources management software.
   Gerald Eisenberg-Klein, working for TEECware GmbH since 2007, is responsible for the coordination of EU and national research projects. He leads the EU-project “Gitaro.JIM”, developing multi-physics joint inversion as well as other projects related to Depth Imaging, Velocity Model Building, Diffraction Imaging, Finite Difference simulations and Full Wavefield Modeling (FWMod) for acoustic and elastic wave propagation.
   Marco Cisternino has been Senior Software Developer at Optimad since 2012, where he develops HPC CFD solvers in different flow regimes, from the hypersonic regime to rarefied gases. Currently, he is working on Immerflow, a parallel Immerse Boundary Navier-Stokes equations solver with Adaptive Mesh Refinement capabilities, which has been granted access to the expertise and resources in the framework of the EuroCC project in order to port the code to GPU architectures.