The POP logo explained

Monday, November 2, 2015

The basic idea behind the design of the POP logo was the idea to be able to explain the basics of the POP project to potential customers: The project acronym POP is drawn as a multi-colour twisted path with circles from left to right. It stands for the path HPC application developers have to take to optimize their applications. Often there is no clear direct way to achieve this and unexpected problems on the way result in no evident progress (“going in circles”). The colours are based on the colour-scale used by one of the tools of the project partners (Paraver).

The symbols inside the logo, along the path, represent the three basic services provided by POP:

  • Performance audit: What are the performance problem(s) of the application (?)
  • Performance plan: These are the root-causes of the issues found and approaches to address them (!)

  • Proof-of-Concept: Experiments and projections to show the effect of the proposed optimizations ⇒ problem solved ()