POP partners at the core of OpenMP

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Research staff from two POP partner institutions (BSC and RWTH) has played a very active role in the International Workshop on OpenMP (IWOMP2016) and the face to face meeting of the language committee of the OpenMP Architectural Review Board. Both events took place in Nara (Japan) during the past days.

A keynote presentation, five papers and one tutorial were presented at IWOMP2016  (http://iwomp2016.riken.jp/) on October 5th to 7th by researchers form BSC and RWTH. Also researchers from both institutions have participated in the week of October 10th in the face to face discussions of the language committee, with proposals about tasking, locality and tool interfaces among others. The experience from the POP project is in this way promoted to a broader scope, promoting best programming practices and evolving the OpenMP standard.