POP goes Australia

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A seminar explaining and promoting the POP analysis methodology took place in Brisbane from September 16th to 18th. Prof. David Abramson, director of the Research Computing Center (RCC) at the University of Queensland, organized the event. Prof. Jesus Labarta was invited to present the methodology and tools to an audience of 25 researchers and support staff from the three HPC centers in Australia. Beyond presentations, several applications running on the RCC system were analyzed in a very dynamic event, where the presentation adapted to the interest and needs of the attendees. Lots of lively discussions took place about explaining observed behaviors and potential code optimizations.

At POP we are strongly committed to promote our analysis methodology which we consider of global interest. This successful three-day immersive experience shows very useful in conveying the overall message and analysis skills to better understand programs and systems.

-- Jesus Labarta (BSC)