POP @ BioFIT 2019

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

POP joined the CompBioMed and FocusCOE centres of excellence in attending BioFIT 2019 in Marseille on December 10-11th.   We had a shared booth where we were able to meet fellow scientists and engineers, and discuss the work our COEs are doing and potential collaborations.

BioFIT attracts a wide range of attendees from both science and industry and we met a great many people working on innovative projects in drug discovery, genomics, medical imaging and bioinformatics.  It was particularly exciting to see so many startups using HPC in novel ways to create powerfulnew tools, and to discuss how POP can work with them to help them optimise and improve their services.

Many thanks to Marie-Françoise Gerard and FocusCOE for all their help in organising this event and making it a great success.

-- Phil Tooley (NAG)