POP @ ANF Evaluation de Performance des Applications Scientifiques HPC

Friday, September 20, 2019

Instructors from POP partners BSC and JSC were invited to a hands-on workshop on performance evaluation of HPC scientific applications held
16-20 September 2019 at the Observatoire de Haute Provence supported by the French Action Nationale de Formation (ANF), CNRS and the EoCoE Centre of Excellence.

The first two days introduced POP methodology and tools with simple examples and exercises on part of a cluster provided by the University of Lyon.  This was followed by an additional two days for participants to install the tools on their own computer systems and apply them to their own parallel application codes to get insight into their execution performance and current bottlenecks. 19 participants from all around France were selected for the workshop, both application developers and HPC support staff, with 13 staying for the second part working on their own application codes.  A wide variety of codes using MPI and OpenMP were analysed, and several are expected to be submitted to POP for assessment services.

-- Brian Wylie (JSC)