POP @ AdvCompBio 2019

Friday, November 29, 2019

On 28th and 29th November 2019, Barcelona hosted the first conference of the series "Advances in computational biology conference 2019". One of the main objectives of the conference series is to foster collaboration among women scientists. To this end, it brings together researchers from public and private sectors working on systems biology, genomics technologies, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing applied to biology. The event has been a success with more than 190 attendees who gather together in a proactive athmosphere and started interactions for future collaborations.

POP member Marta Garcia-Gasulla (BSC) had the opportunity to give the talk "The human heart seen by the eyes of a computer scientist" at the conference. In her speech, Marta highlighted the paramount importance of performance analysis nowadays, for all the research done in computational environments. To achieve this, she presented the performance analysis of a simulation modeling the heartbeat of a human heart. She linked the multiple physics models solved in the simulation with her analysis and emphasized the relevance of interdisciplinary work.

 Marta took the opportunity to encourage all the assistants with HPC codes to apply to POP services finding promising feedbacks from the audience.