POP @ 5th ENES/ESiWACE workshop

Friday, May 18, 2018

POP attended the 5th ENES workshop, a biyearly event, where the weather and climate community openly discusses on their activities, progress and general needs in the use of HPC. The event (https://www.esiwace.eu/events/5th-enes-hpc-workshop) was organized by the ESiWACE center of excellence (https://www.esiwace.eu/) and was hold at the CMCC (http://www.cmcc.it/) facilities in Lecce on May 17-18, 2018. The workshop gathered together researchers in the field from EU, but also from US and Asia.

Attending these sectorial events is a tremendous opportunity on one side to present the POP project, its vision and achievements and on the other side to gather needs, directions and sensibilities of specific communities. In this case, the climate and weather community, which is a very organized, active and HPC demanding community represents and important target for our POP services and technologies as well as a very important source of co-design information to improve our tools and methodologies.

Jesus Labarta gave a presentation on POP including some performance analysis results deriving from services done within POP for customers in this community as well as best practices on parallel programming towards very large scales.