POP @ 30th VI-HPS Tuning Workshop

Friday, January 25, 2019

Experts from four POP project partners (BSC, JSC, RWTH, UVSQ) supported the 30th VI-HPS Tuning Workshop at Barcelona, Spain from January 21st to 25th, 2019. The workshop was organized by VI-HPS for the Spanish PRACE Advanced Training Centre and hosted at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

VI-HPS Tuning Workshops are a major performance measurement and analysis training vehicle where around 30 participants receive instruction and guidance applying VI-HPS tools to their own parallel application codes, along with advice for potential corrections and optimizations. Feedback to tools developers also helps direct tools development to user needs, as well as improve tool documentation and ease of use.

Priority was given to applicants with parallel codes already running on the workshop computer systems (MareNostrum-IV and CTE-POWER), and those bringing codes from similar systems to work on. Participants were therefore encouraged to prepare their own MPI, OpenMP and hybrid MPI+OpenMP parallel application codes for analysis.

The workshop program including links to the slides used in the training are available at the workshop webpage.