Public Project Deliverables (POP1)

Date No. Deliverable Name WP
Dec 2015 (M3) D2.1 Customer Feedback Methodology WP2
  D3.1 Customer Direct Tools WP3
  D4.1 Analysis Processes WP4
  D5.1 Proof-of Concept Work Set-up WP5
  D7.1 POP Promotional Plan WP7
  D7.2 POP Community Development and Marketing Tools WP7
Mar 2016 (M6) D3.2 First Market Review WP3
  D3.4 Community Development Strategy WP3
Sep 2016 (M12) D2.2 Customer Feedback Measurement I WP2
  D4.2 First-year Report on Analysis WP4
  D5.2 First-year Report on Proof-of-Concept WP5
  D6.1 Collection of Course Material WP6
31 March 2017 (M18) D3.3 Second Market review WP3
  D3.5 Report and recommendations for POP sustainability WP3
30 September 2017 (M24) D2.3 Customer Feedback Measurement II WP2
  D3.6 POP 2 Business Plan WP3
  D4.3 Second-year Report on Analysis WP4
  D5.3 Second-year Report on Proof-of-Concept WP5
  D6.2 Performance Tuning Workflow developed and published WP6
  D7.3 Intermediate POP Use Cases Report WP7
31 March 2018 (M30) D2.4 Final Customer Feedback Report WP3
  D4.4 POP Analysis Report WP4
  D5.4 POP Proof-of-Concept Report WP5
  D6.3 Tutorials WP6
  D7.4 Final POP Use Cases Report WP7