Open hands-on workshop on HPC benchmarking and performance analysis

The two centres of excellence in computer application EoCoE and POP will join forces once more to hold a hands-on workshop on HPC benchmarking and performance analysis from 11-14 December 2017, at Maison de la Simulation near Paris, this time supported by the French PATC.

This particular workshop is especially designed to welcome engineers/researchers from the industry who are developing and/or using their own numerical tools. They will be able to apply a unique performance analysis methodology to their application to permit seamless monitoring of over 20 performance indicators. Tools and results from the workshop can be taken back home in order to benchmark future software modifications in a reproducible manner, allowing very significant productivity improvement during the development and optimization phase. Participants will also have ample time to meet and discuss with HPC experts from the EoCoE and POP projects to seek expertise on special issues or to eventually engage into further collaboration.

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